Terms of service

1. scope of application
a.  These terms and conditions apply to contracts for the rental of the vacation apartment.
b.  The subletting and subletting of the rented apartment as well as its use for other
      use for other than short-term residential purposes require the prior consent of the
      consent of the landlord in text form.

2. Conclusion of Contract, Contractual Partner
a) Binding reservation
    A binding reservation exists only when the tenant receives a written or electronic
    written or electronic confirmation of reservation from the landlord and the
    confirmation from the lessor and the lessee has paid the deposit agreed therein by the date
    date determined by the lessor. A reservation request/booking request is not a confirmed reservation.
   Tenant is exclusively the person with whom the landlord has concluded the
   reservation contract / booking confirmation in writing.
   A subletting by the tenant to third parties without the written consent of the
   without the written consent of the landlord is not allowed or has the
   immediate invalidity of the reservation. The same applies in the
   case of a free transfer of the reservation to third parties by the tenant.

3. services, prices, payment
a) The landlord is obliged to keep the vacation apartment booked by the guest ready and to provide

    the agreed services.
b) The tenant is obliged to pay the agreed rent for the confirmed vacation apartment reservation

     and the further services used by him at the valid prices of the landlord. This also applies to 

     services and expenses of the landlord to third parties arranged by the customer (e.g. bread roll

c) Prices and method of payment
    The prices on the Lessor's website www.spiel-chiemsee.de are the currently valid prices. The

    Lessee undertakes to pay a deposit in the amount of 200€. The deposit must be received on the

    Lessor's account by the date specified by the Lessor in the written or electronic confirmation of  

    the reservation. Only then is a reservation effective. The remaining amount is to be paid in cash

    to the landlord on the day of arrival at the latest.

4. apartment provision, handover and return
 a) Arrival
     The booked apartment is available to the guest on the agreed arrival day from 15.00 clock. The guest has no

     right to an earlier provision.
 b) Departure
     On the agreed departure day, the apartment must be vacated and made available to the landlord

     by 10:00 a.m. at the latest. The apartment is to be left broom-clean.
 c) Late vacating
    For the use exceeding the contract until 14:00 o'clock 50% of the full overnight rate, afterwards 100% will

    be charged.  


5. Terms of cancellations (Cancellation, early departure and a no-show)

If the lessee cancels the reservation, the cancellation will become valid once the lessee has received the lessor's confirmation, either in writing or electronically. If the lessee needs to cancel the reservation, the following terms apply: 

a) The lessee will be charged a processing fee of €50.00 . 
b) If the lessor is unable to find a substitute lessee for the same period of time, the lessee is obligated
    to pay 80% of the outstanding balance within 3 working days after the end of the cancelled reservation period. 
c) If the lessor has been successful in finding a substitute lessee for the same period of time cancelled by the
   original lessee, the payment obligation mentioned under point b) is not applicable/the original lessee doesn't
   have to pay the cancellation fee. The lessee only pays the processing fee. 
d) If a substitute lessee books the apartment for a shorter time than the original (cancelled) reservation period,
   the rental income from the new booking will be offset against the outstanding balance and processing fee
   charged to the original lessee. 
e) If the lessee does not show up by 10.00 pm on the day of arrival without giving reasons, the lessor is entitled
    to re-let the apartment as early as the next day. Points a) to d) apply accordingly. In case of a no-show, the
    first night must be paid in full. 
f) In the event of an early departure, the guest has to pay the full rental price.
6. cancellation of the landlord

The Lessor reserves the right to cancel a reservation for the following reasons - even on the day of arrival:

    1. the tenant made false statements about his person when signing the contract,
    2. the persons arriving do not correspond with the persons registered,
    3. the pets brought do not correspond to the registration,
    4. the owner of animals does not fulfill his duty of supervision,
    5. the landlord accommodates other persons in the apartment during his stay without the permission of

        the landlord.

7. liability
Notification of damage or loss must be made immediately, but no later than on the day of departure. The tenant is liable for damages caused by him or him accompanying persons or animals. There is no custody contract for the parking space for motor vehicles, bicycles, trailers, motorcycles, which is provided free of charge. The lessor is not liable for this.

 8. final provisions

1. changes and additions to the contract or these general terms and conditions must be made in writing.  
    Unilateral changes or additions by the guest are ineffective.
2. the place of performance and payment is the location of the vacation apartment.
3. german law is valid
4. if individual regulations of these general trading conditions should be ineffective or void or become, then
    thereby  the effectiveness of the remaining regulations is not affected. The invalid provisions shall be
    replaced by the statutory provisions.

Status: October 2023